Welcome to the Furry Get-Together (Furget), a vibrant and exciting furry meeting, taking place on September 3, 2023, at the J.C. Kevin Sathorn Bangkok Hotel. Born out of the desire to create a space for connection and enjoyment beyond our popular FurSquare market event, Furget aims to be a haven for the global furry community to come together, socialize, and create lasting memories.

Our mission is to provide a fun and inclusive environment for furries, whether you've attended the FurSquare event on September 2, 2023, or are just looking for a place to meet and party with like-minded individuals. At Furget, you'll find a welcoming atmosphere designed to foster connections, creativity, and a sense of belonging for everyone who joins us. So mark your calendars and prepare to let your fursonas shine at FurGET 2023!

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Frequently asked questions


Credit card / Promtpay Local Payment (For Thai Residence)

If the registration is completed. It won't refundable.

If you are unable to attend the FurGET23 event and wish to request for event souvenirs ,please notify the event team to receive the souvenirs within 7 days after the event ends. The registered individuals must be responsible for the postage fee themselves.

To verify the age of participants that they are above the minimum age required for participation, including using it to verify identity during registration.

Unfortunately that there is limited space inside the venue, which prevents us from selling tickets upfront the event. We recommend that anyone interested in attending the event purchase tickets in advance as soon as possible.

Credit card is currently the only payment method we can offer overseas participants.

Due to legal limitations in Thailand, FurGET requires participants to be at least 15 years old.

The upgrade of ticket tier can be done within the specified time with a 4% fee for the change, but it is not possible to downgrade the ticket tier.

The event ticket can be accessed and verified from the website using an email and password. If you forget your email or password, please click on "forgot password" or "forgot email" on the login page. If you cannot access your email and have no proof of attendance/payment, you will need to purchase a new admission ticket.

Hotel Room

You can book a hotel room through Agoda (the hotel link is on the homepage of the website).

Pets are not allowed due to hotel regulation unless you are bringing a Service animal (Please represent related documents) ,Emotion support animals are not considered Service Animals in FurGET23.

We are sorry that due to limited manpower and space, FurGet cannot provide luggage storage service. However, Attendees who are guests of the hotel can inquire at the reception desk for assistance regarding this matter.

If you find any lost or abandoned items, please notify the staff.


Fursuit isn't must have item for participating the event. Everyone who love and interested in Furry is welcome to participate the event. ❤️

We have Fursuit changing room for everyone who need ,free of charge. However we do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage incurred from the use of the aforementioned room.

Please read and understand the full rules of the work.


Do not take pictures in prohibited areas. Both before and after taking pictures, it is necessary to inform the person being photographed. This is especially important in the case of a suspect with a bad reputation. After taking the picture, thank or inform the person being photographed to avoid them waiting for the picture to end. Any media recorded during the event, whether it be pictures, audio, or any other media, must be used only for personal purposes and cannot be used for commercial or other purposes (including, but not limited to, publishing in newspapers or other mass media)

Drone are not allowed in the event space due to hotel regulation.

FurGET23 Rules and regulation

  • Please note that the organizers and UWU have the right to refuse anyone entry into the event area. We reserve the right to reject anyone who violates the rules before, during, and after the Fur and other UWU events.
  • Participants who join FurGET must understand and accept the rules and regulations of the event issued by the organizing team and UWU. The organizing team reserves the right to change the rules and regulations without prior notice.
  • Personal information of participants will be used to verify identity for registration and other legal responsibilities. If a participant wishes to exercise their right to be forgotten (under the Personal Data Protection Act), participants must accept that their paid registration ticket will not be usable. They can notify us of their intention to exercise this right via email.
  • Don't create disturbance for participants, organizers, and stakeholders. The team has the right to revoke attendance privileges at any time.
  • The decision of the team is always final. The team is responsible for cases of revoked/expelled cards by refunding all tickets to the event.
  • The use of violence or intimidation is not acceptable at any UWU event, even if it is only in the form of verbal threats, teasing, or posting on social media. If the team identifies a potential risk, we will take measures to prevent the participant or the risk from attending the event.
  • Any form of harassment, including unauthorized physical contact, stalking, making threats of violence, or indicating the use of violence in any form will not be tolerated.
  • If there is a violation that the team has considered necessary to ask the violator to leave the event, the event will refund the ticket fee, and the violator will be prohibited from participating in any UWU activities.
  • The event area is reserved for participants with event tickets, stakeholders, and authorized personnel only.
  • The team may record media during the event. All participants must be aware that attending the event implies consenting to the team's recording of media, which may be used for publicity purposes. If participant do not wish to be recorded, you should avoid cameras and wear a face mask to conceal your identity.
  • Everyone attending the event will receive a personal event ticket. Attendees must wear the ticket at all times while inside the event area. If the event team finds that the name and identity on the ticket do not match the person wearing it, the event team reserves the right to ask that attendee to leave the event area.
  • If any damage is caused to the items, equipment, or any collective items in the work area, whether they are damaged, lost or destroyed, the person who caused the damage or the responsible party shall compensate for the actual damages according to the law.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be brought or consumed within the event area.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages and intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited. Smoking cigarettes or using any substances that produce smoke, steam, or other unwanted substances within the event area that may cause a fire is also not permitted. Even though some types of addictive substances may have been exempted or removed from the list of prohibited substances, FurGET strictly prohibits the use of any addictive substances, including marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, and others, in any form within the event area. This includes products such as cookies that may contain nerve toxins.
  • Do not bring food and drinks with strong odors or that may cause messiness or untidiness to the event area.
  • Due to hotel regulations, the event cannot allow the use, attachment, or wearing of clothing or signs that are provocative or express political views, or may make others uncomfortable, at the discretion of the team (including Ahegao shirts, clothing/signs with images that may make others uncomfortable).
  • Costume should not be unacceptably revealing. However, we permit the use of collars, leashes, and harnesses as decorations fursuits. Other fetish wears are not permitted in the event area.
  • Please always carry valuable items with you. We will not be responsible for any lost or missing items.
  • If an emergency occurs, please follow the event team's instructions strictly.
  • The event admission ticket fee is non-refundable.
  • The Fursuit Changing room is an area for resting and taking care of suits. It is only for those who are wearing suits because of space limitations. We do not allow handlers to enter the room.
  • It is necessary to inform the person being photographed before and after taking the photo, especially in the case of suits that have poor visibility. After taking the photo, please say thank you or let them know to prevent the suit from standing and waiting for the photo to finish because it is not known when the photo has ended.
  • Any media recorded within the event, whether it be images, sounds, or any other media, must be used for personal purposes only and cannot be used for commercial or other purposes (including, but not limited to, publication in newspapers or any other mass media).
  • Sharing or labeling ticket badge to others is strictly prohibited. The organizing team reserves the right to revoke the participation of such individuals and may prohibit from participating in future UWU activities.
  • The event team reserves the right to not be responsible for compensating participants in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as event cancellations, postponements, protests, emergency announcements, work stoppages, or any other situation that the team considers to pose a risk
  • The participants must always comply with the rules and regulations of the venue
  • The act of damaging or causing property loss, whether it is of a hotel or someone else's personal property, will not be tolerated
  • Any weapons or items resembling or capable of being used as real weapons that have not been authorized for carrying or use as props in FurGET
©2023 Furry Get-Together Meeting, Management by UwU All rights reserved.